Episode 14: 12 Biggest Sales Blunders

OMG…. Did you hear what he said?  How many times does your prospect go through your sales experience and wonder, WHAT?  So what about #salesblunders ?  Do you have any?  I am sure you do. On this weeks’s #ShetalksRadio, Kellie reveals the 12 Biggest Sales Blunders a salesperson (or anyone in a sales capacity, can […]

Episode 13: Sales Pipeline Magic

A sales pipeline is the core business strategy that every business owners must think about.  A critical compenent is how your team is performing, getting the results require and having strict accounbility into the orgaznation about getting the win!  In today’s world, with so much communication, how do you set yourself apart? Join me for […]

Episode 12: Building Multiple Income Streams

Having multiple sources of income and product lines is a critical business strategy that every business owner must think about.  Especially in a recession, you need to draw on different sources for your revenue so you are not impacted when economic conditions change. Join me for this complementary podcast episode “Building Multiple Income Streams” with […]

Episode 11: Social Media Defined

Social media has changed our world forever. It is a medium that puts us in contact with people fast.  Topics such as Customer communications, praise, complaints, reviews, direct feedback and so much more – Talk about Building Customer Loyalty – you have access to your customers Real time, Give Real feedback… Social media offers us […]

Secrets to Customer Loyalty

What emotion do your customers experience when they interact with your company? What impression do you, your employees, internal systems and products make on your customers and business partners? What is the essence of your company that will stand the test of time? In The BLAST™ Method, We spend a lot of time teaching entrepreneurs […]

Episode 10: Building Financial Confidence

Do you struggle with finances in your business?  Or have trouble understanding how to manage your cashflow or investment strategy?   Then you need to join us for #financialconfidence and become the most confident owner you possibly can. On this weeks’s #ShetalksRadio, Kellie reveals how to Build Financial Confidence and drive your business to the ultimate […]