Episode 13: Sales Pipeline Magic

A sales pipeline is the core business strategy that every business owners must think about.  A critical compenent is how your team is performing, getting the results require and having strict accounbility into the orgaznation about getting the win!  In today’s world, with so much communication, how do you set yourself apart?

Join me for this complementary podcast episode “Sales Pipeline Magic” with Kellie D’Andrea.

You do not want to miss this rare opportunity to hear Kellie sharing her small business advice and providing insight into the BLAST methodology on this special call.

As a small business owner, chances are you are thinking about your sales pipeline today or every other day.  Especially at the end of the year… you are thinking about how much sales my team has brought in, what is the future element of those sales and of course, the team around it., but if you want to add value to your customers and offer something different, you will want to listen in on this episode.

On this weeks’s #ShetalksRadio, Kellie shares with you about the Sales Pipeline Magic!  Communication, Pipeline Metrics, Integrated Marketing and Your Overall Prospects..

Kellie doesn’t shy away from the reality that sending out the right message, to the right people and using this tactic could make a difference in your business.  She shares how to prepare for it, and offers brilliant advice for how to plan the future of your company so you can make the impact you are here to make.

On this week’s episode of #ShetalksRadio, you’ll hear:

  • The sales pipeline and the traditional way of selling vs. the new way of selling.
  • Key items that you need in every pipeline from the whole group down to an individual contributor.
  • How different prospects view items differently and the language you need to talk to the C-Suite.
  • How you can run your team using tools, technqiues and strategies Kellie has put in place that will lead you to #customerloyalty.

Learn strategies and techniques to manage your #salespipeline into your business and create a culture that supports your brand every time a customer engages with your organization, on mulitiple levels.

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About Kellie D’Andrea

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I help high achievers apply focus and clarity to the development of skills necessary to grow their business, careers and be successful in life.

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As founder and CEO of Kellie D’Andrea & Associates, a company devoted to helping high achievers grow their business, their careers and design their perfect lives.

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