The BLAST Method

Are you a business owner looking to accelerate your business? Looking for creative and innovative ways to expand and evolve your business? No matter what business you are in or what industry, success comes from executing on three core fundamentals:

A Strong Brand Promise that Resonates with Your Targeted Customer and Differentiates You From Your Competition.

A Strong Leadership Team and Operation to Deliver on That promise at Every Customer Touch Point.

A Strong Selling Technique and Marketing System that Delivers the Right Message, Using the Right Tactic at the Right Moment to Attract, Convert and Retain Loyal CustomersA Strong Leadership Team and Operation to Deliver on That promise at Every Customer Touch Point.

My coaching program called BLASTTM is your complete resource to teaching you strategies to help you build your business, accelerate your marketing and igniting your profits. This system walks you through the steps to achieve customer loyalty and how to build a business that BLASTTM your profits to unbelievable heights!

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Here’s what the program is all about You receive 90 Days of Private 1 to 1 Coaching with me, Kellie D’Andrea, Your Business Strategist as I take you through a process and work with you on developing the strategies you will need and the action plans to go along with it. Coaching calls are scheduled for 60 minutes every week for 90 days for a total of 12 regular calls. Plus unlimited access via email. Some of the topics we will cover (if you require) to evaluate where you are
  • Business Model – Are you product based or service based?
  • Sales Model – How do you typically sell? Who is your target market?
  • Marketing Model – How are you generating leads? What is your brand?
  • Operations Model – How do you deliver your product or service?
  • Human Resource Model – What talent do you have? Do you need?
  • Financial Model – What do your financial statement say about you?
Some additional topics we will cover to evaluate where you need to be
  • Competitive Landscape – Who are your competitors?
  • Marketing Strategies – What are you doing to bring in new customers?
  • Growth Strategies – How can you grow? New Markets? New Products?
  • Talent Review – How can you leverage your existing talent
  • Sales/Marketing Material Review – What does your marketing say about you?
  • Succession Planning – What does your “bench” look like”
And much, much, more….
  • Are you interested in social media, blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn?
  • Are you interested in ecommerce? Franchising?
  • Are you interested in joint ventures and cross promotion with others?
We customize a plan to cover the areas you feel you need help with. Over the 90 days, we will have dedicated time each week to evaluate your requirements, brainstorm and develop strategies and design an action plan for you to take back to your business and implement. Plus you will have unlimited access to Kellie via email if you need immediate attention. The total investment for your personalized program with Kellie and her BLAST 90 Day Program is less than $ 55 a day! Imagine what the return on your investment will look like if you got another million idea , or successfully streamlined your business.

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