Secrets to a Fulfilling Life

A fulfilling life is one of meaning, purpose and balance and the one thing that everybody strives for each and every day. It is living your life and enjoying every moment to the best of your ability and finding the happiness that is all around you. It is not only about materialistic things either. Those things can give the impression of a happy life but often you will find, that with no one to share it with and experiences to remember, all the money, cars and homes will not bring do we want it, it is how do we achieve it?

The secrets are as follows:

Secret #1 – An Optimistic Outlook

Optimism is a wonderful ingredient to a fulfilled life. Take a look at the good in each thing you see, hear and experience and you will immediately be given rewards in return. This isn’t always easy, but if you practice each and every day starting with the little things, it will eventually become a part of your life and remember to start with being grateful for what you already have.

Secret #2 – A Goal and Purpose in Life

Have a purpose in life and working towards that purpose is the secret to a happy life.  We as human beings are programmed to set goals and using that skill to define our life purpose will put you on the road to a fulfilled life.  If you examined some of the most successful people in the world, they would tell you that they know what they want, they know the price to pay for it and they make a habit at setting goals daily.  Without goals you float thru life but with goals, you soar  thru the air like an arrow with focus, power and heading  straight towards your target.

Secret #3 – Take Charge of Your Life

You cannot change the past so take charge of your life and change your future.  You have the power to master your own fate and orientate your life towards as positive and purposeful future.  You just have to decide to do so.  Stop blaming other for your problems and work towards freeing yourself of negative emotions:  fear, self pity, shame and anger.  The more responsibility you take for yourself and your actions, the more in charge of your life you will be.

Secret #4 – Live each day as it was your last

We operate 96% of our lives on autopilot.  Doing the same actions we have done each day before.  The secret to a fulfilled  life is breaking out of those habits and finding opportunities to experience life everyday.   When you expand your universe and  venture out to other places, you open up the possibility for new experiences and new adventures.  You cannot create new experiences sitting around waiting for something to happen.  You need to change your  environment in order to change your results.  If you continue to do the same thing, each day in the same manner, you will always get the same results.  Remove the routine of your life and try something new.

Secret #5 – Experiences in the 9 critical areas

The old Chinese masters identified 9 areas in your life that need to be tended to and nurtured in order to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life, they are as follows:

  • Spirituality, Helpful People and Travel
  • Children, Creativity and Entertainment
  • Wisdom, Self Knowledge and Calm
  • Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude
  • Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships
  • Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth
  • Fame, Reputation and Social Life
  • Health, Family and Community
  • Career, Life Mission and Individuality

Those that are fulfilled have addressed their needs in all of these areas.  There is no defined formula or one size fits all approach to finding balance, those that are fulfilled have more positive experiences in many areas of their life rather than just focus on only one.

Secret # 6 – Good Health

Your body is your temple and to live a fulfilled, you must experience good health so be sure to take care of yourself with proper diet, exercise and personal development.   Taken care of yourself will energize you to take the necessary actions to reach all of your goals.  You want to make sure you are feeding your body and feeding your mind each and every day to remain sharp, focused and motivated.