3 Essential Elements to a Life of Fulfillment

Leading a life of fulfillment may sound easier than it is to achieve, but the truth is that e very person has within them, the abilities to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. We each know what makes us happy and what we need to do to find our right path but we are often overwhelmed with fear and social conditioning that our actions are immobilized and we find ourselves doing the same things we have always done or just doing enough to get buy. Each leading to the same result – a life of mediocrity.

Although there are numerous recommendations out there to help you create a fulfilling life, I believe that there are three essential elements that must exist in everyone’s life in order to truly be happy.

1. Willingness to Explore New Opportunities – It is human nature to be curious and to want more – it is the American Dream. Open yourself up to new opportunities and watch your life change. Don’t be afraid to dance to your own music and to try new things. These are the experiences that make up life; embrace them and you will be one step further to fulfillment.

2. Trusting and Meaningful Relationships –  As human beings, we have a natural instinct to be social and to connect with others. Those that are happy and fulfilled surround themselves with friends, family and associates whom they have a relationship with. These relationships can only be formed by creating an environment of trust and integrity; a give and take balance that generates mutual interest, empathy and understanding. Reach out to belong and connect with others to create a large circle of people who inspire you and you will be one step further to fulfillment.

3. Doing Work You Love – How many times do you find yourself miserable or making comments about hating your work? Than you are not doing the work you are meant to be doing. When you are working in a career that you love, you know! You are energized, inspired and excited each and every day and you eventually get to the point where calling it work just seems wrong. Take a moment to reflect on when the last time you felt good – were you doing a specific task? Was there something you really, really enjoyed? That is the work you should be doing. Find a career that uses those skills and makes you feel great and you will be one step further to fulfillment.

Leading a life of fulfillment requires commitment and focus towards improvement. It requires the courage to overcome fears and to challenge yourself to take action. It is an ongoing process that will be tested often but by surrounding yourself with people who you love and trust, experiencing new things and finding work that inspires you, you will be well on your way to your destination.

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