Exciting News – She-Tribe is Almost Ready!

Today is a day of pure joy and peace. I am sitting in my beautiful garden and the temperature is 72 degrees with a nice, gentle wind and I am at complete peace. I have been working on two very exciting projects and one is getting very close to launching and I am going to let the cat out of the bag and tell you to go check out www.she-tribe.com

Now is the time for all women to grab their leadership positions and help me change the corporate landscape. If you are qualified, willing and able…. SheTribe is the place for you to:

•Connect with other Career Warriors
•Be Mentored by Industry Leaders
•Have access to Virtual Education Programs
•Grab Resources, Tools and Articles
•Give Back

My mission is to help all women advance their careers. Perhaps you want to move up in your corporate position, or start your own business….SheTribe is the place for you.

Each week we will be offering something new:

SheTalks Radio – weekly podcast with industry titans offering their best career advice!

SheTribe TV – weekly program offering tips and advice on how to build a career and a life you love!

Q & A Tuesday – You have a Q…. We have an A.. Send in your questions and watch the next episode of SheTribe TV for your answer.

Wednesday Webinar Series – Come learn from the best in the industry. Top career strategist, coaches, authors and leaders as they conduct educational programs designed to get your career jumping!

Topics include:

  • Negotiate like a Winner
  • Building and Mastering Confidence
  • Resume Tips and Profile Tips
  • Mastering Your Emotions
  • Leveraging Communication skills
  • Networking
  • Getting on a Board

And so much more..

Join now to have access to the tools that will advance your career, women who have paved the way before you and training that will engage your mind and motivate you to take action.


ps. 50% of all membership dues goes to support a charity. Today’s featured charity:




The Road Ahead Foundation’s mission is to help those that cannot help themselves – America’s Orphans.

No Child deserves to be without food, shelter, education, and medical services. Their mission is to bring all of this to the children in America what are in need.

We are looking to launch in the next 30 days… Be sure to come on over and check us out as we develop the site, our programs and our team. If you have questions, send them to info@kelliedandrea.com and we will get back to you.

Be part of the change…. Be part of the Female Revolution and Help a Wonderful Charity along the way!

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