3 Powerful Reasons to Have Regular Meetings


Have you ever sat in a poorly run meeting where it feels that nothing was accomplished?  And because of these poor meetings, everyone runs for the hills with all the excuses when somebody wants to “hold a meeting”.  Believe it our not, there are well structured and effective meetings in corporate america, you can read more about it in my article (TBD)

But, there are reasons to have regular meetings that are tightly focused  (an casual conversation in the hallway with the team do not count).

1. Clear Communication – if a meeting is run properly, this is a very effective place to get the team on the same page and hearing the same message at the same time.

2.  Collective Intelligence – the opportunity to pull great minds into a room to discuss an issue our build out a strategy can offer tremendous value.  Plus, it allows for further clarification and questions with the answers provided for all the h ear.

3.  Internal Competition – or peer pressure what ever you want to call it.  But, team members will always strive to outperform each other and show their stuff.  Group meetings are a way to challenge the team and provide them a place for healthy competition.

Although poorly run meetings can be a waste of time!  A successfully structured and well run meeting can help you build your business and your careers through faster and better decisions.


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