Live a Life of Design, Not of Default

As the world mourns the death of Steve Jobs’, we start to also celebrate his life and his massive contribution to the world we currently live. His legacy will go on forever and inspire future leaders to blaze down their own trail. An impressive man filled with purpose and focus. MSN’s home page opens today to the headline “How Steve Jobs Will be Remembered”

So, this week’s tip encourages you to ask the same question of yourself. “How will you be remembered?” What is the legacy you would like to leave behind?

Think about the impact that Steve Job’s existence has had on the world… and think about the impact you strive for and live each day in pursuit of that dream. Success is NOT an accident… it is happens when you want it to happen.

Change your choices
Change your life

The average woman lives to be around 83 years of age. She lives approximately 4,316 weeks. So, if you are a 40 year old woman, you have 2,080 weeks left to accomplish what you want to out of life.

So what are you waiting for…. Live a life you designed, not one that was defaulted. You have choices and the decisions you make around those choices not only shape who you are but will shape the lives you also influence so choose Success and become a woman of action and make it happen!

Here are 5 simple tips:

1) Choose Success – identify what it is you want in life and decide to take action every day to achieve it. That simple.

2) Refuse to be the Victim – Remember success is a journey with risks, rewards and hardships along the way. If it was easy, there would be more than 1% of the population who are truly successful. When you find yourself moving towards whining, justifying or making up an excuse…stop yourself and ask how this is moving you closer to your dream.

3) Manage Your Time Commitments Wisely – No matter what we do, there will always be only 24 hours in a day. You will never be able to control time, add more minutes or change that fact. But, you can change your own commitments to using time. Choose wisely and eliminate time wasters.

4) Think in terms of abundance over scarcity. People with a scarcity mindset focus on the things that they do not have and the things that are wrong versus an abundance mindset that focuses on accomplishments, possibilities and opportunity. The universe has a funny way of sending us possibilities, unfortunately many are closed off in a scarcity that we fail to hear opportunity knocking.

5) Surround yourself with achievers – People feed off of others so surround yourself with other goal-oriented and positive people who will motivate and support you every day. Living a life of design requires you to overcome fears and uncertainty and the right support system can help your through it and provide you the confidence to move forward.

There’s no magic or sophisticated formula to succeed. It’s straightforward and something we all know how to do. You have to want it first in order to achieve it and be gutsy enough to go get it! So, go live a life that you designed and to help motivate you, I have included the link to Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford University Commencement address for you to watch. It is only 15 minutes, but really gets you thinking!

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