How to Find Miracles in the Midst of Difficult Times

Life comes at us in many different directions. Sometimes in is in waves of happiness and other times is can leave us gasping for air as the wind is knocked out of our lungs. How do we respond when that happens?

For me, this last year has been a doozy. My beloved Yorkie, Max, became very ill after a surgery and for months, we had to nurse him back to health with doctors, drugs, blood transfusions and touch and go crisis for 4 months. To this day, he is limited with bad health, three legs and our lifestyle has been forever altered.

My mother, who survived breast cancer two years ago, was recently diagnosed with cancer tumors in her brain and in her lungs. An ongoing struggle for our family as we fight this disease one more time.

Lastly, a company that I served for 10 years decided to drop me like a hot potato without notice and without warning and without discussion.

Talk about uncertainty.

3 Lessons I have Learned Along the Way.

    1. The Universe will Work For You. I am a big believer that things happen for a reason. I think the universe was telling me to slow down and appreciate my family and not to be so focused on my career. I decided to take some time off and I already know, the next phase of my career will be the best move that will lead me to exactly where I was meant to be… It is super exciting.
    2. Gratitude liberates. With my mother’s cancer diagnosis and my previous busy work schedule, it became very clear that life is fleeting and you have to take stock in the moments you create. We forget what is right in front of us and often shift our priorities away from what really matters. Rather than get hung up on all the potential loss or things that could go wrong, take the time to appreciate the things that you do have in your life and make choices that supports a fulfilled life.
    3. Forgiveness lifts heavy burdens. It is so easy to get caught up in the drama that is created with uncertainty. I could get angry at my mother’s diagnosis, or at the company that treated me so poorly in the end and I could let petty gripes and negative thinking overcome my brain, but that would just create burdens. Instead, turn to forgiveness.

What miracles have you found in the midst of difficult times? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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