Creating a Memorable Brand in 5 Easy Steps.

How do you compete in a very crowded market place where hundreds of new businesses are born each day to create a brand that stands out, leaves a positive impression and forever lives in the memories of everyone your brand touches?

What do you need to do in order to create a memorable brand in this age of rapid information, digital congestion and saturated markets?

  1. A Committed and Passionate Tribe
  2. In order to have a memorable brand, you need people to leave an impression upon. Customers who embrace your brand and feel connected to a shared community of interests and those shared interests are the elements of your brand experience and the common characteristic of the people you attract. A community who share in the same or similar attributes that binds you together under one common idea – your brand. These tribe members become your evangelists and turn your brand into a real experience. Providing you instant feedback, a growth engine with viral possibilities via the ability to connect with their networks and the possibility of joining the likes of the top brands: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook etc.

  3. Social Virality
  4. Your tribe consists of humans that are filled with social needs, emotions and the need to connect with others. As social creatures, you tribe will engage others to experience your brand and will often drive awareness to your campaigns and what you stand for, so create conversations that are worth spreading. Be sure to have a strong presence on all social media and engage your tribe in ways that connect you and your community deeper and not just around “buying” your product. Memorable brands create connection points across all social platforms that get people sharing, talking and engaging others – tribers and non-tribers about topics they want to spread. It could be a cool, edgy video that goes viral. Or a strong promotion with a charitable aspect or a question to ponder. Create a consistent, unique and memorable brand that people want to talk about.

  5. Tribes need Leaders
  6. Every tribe needs its chiefs and in this case, your tribe needs a leader. Memorable brands connect the person behind the brand with the brand so you want to make sure you have a personal platform that works in conjunction with your overall brand strategy. Tribes want to connect to the human element of your brand and want to know what those leaders stand for. Think of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg or Apple’s departed CEO, Steve Jobs.. This is the area where personal branding and company banding collide, and that collision has a deep and powerful impact. Those that create memorable bands know the single best strategy is the put a face to your company brand and to personalize the experience with your customers.

  7. Energy, Emotion and Engagement
  8. Today a brand is a living and breathing organism that needs energy and emotional connection to survive. Memorable brands are able to draw on these human elements to create the energy via their tribes that create strong emotions that anchor the community to the brand and the engagement to get the tribe talking about the brand. To do this, you need a people strategy that connects all those dots. Yes, I am telling you there is an emotional side of business and memorable brands know how to master that side to get the outcomes they desire. People have an innate need to feel connected to something bigger than them and look for outlets to express themselves. A living, breathing brand provides them a vehicle to be part of something great.

  9. A Strong Brand Promise
  10. What makes a brand truly memorable is what is offers that is so uniquely different that people feel connected to it. A selling proposition in the form of a promise as what the customer can expect from your brand at every touch point. You have a strong brand promise and it is unique enough to differentiate you and you deliver on that promise each and every time, your tribe will continue to evangelize you at every moment they can. Think of some strong brand promises: “When it absolutely has to get there overnight” – FedEX ; “Hot Pizza in 30 Mins or Less” – Dominos ; “We Challenge the Status Quo” – Apple

If creating a memorable brand was easy… everybody would be doing it! The best way to attack this elephant is one bite at a time. Start building your tribe slowly with a passionate audience while you create a personal platform that resonates with the tribe you want to build. Over time, you will win them over with delivering consistent results and a consistent experience time and time again. The key is to talk to your community and get feedback, good and bad. Hiding will never help you build a tribe but responsiveness and honestly will. Be authentic, be credible and be yourself. Your brand will build over time.

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