Are You as Leaders Engaged in Your Business?

How many times have you felt disconnected from your business? Or how engaged does your team feel you are in your business?

I talk often about being present in every moment in your life but what about your business? It is the same thing. You need to be completely engaged in every moment in your business. When I consult with businesses, I often ask the owners to tell me about their business model. They say all the right things but often there is a spark missing and when I interview their people or their teams, I usually hear something like “he really isn’t involved in the business, or he has lost interest in the business”

People can tell if you are present in your business. People can tell if you are disengaged from your passion. Similar to being present in every moment of your life, you need to be present in every moment you are interacting with people in your business.

Don’t check out….

You are a significant influence in your team’s motivation and simply treating every moment as a moment of engagement and influence that empowers your people and engages them into your vision.

So a simple question I want to ask you….

Do you create energy when you enter a room… or energy when you leave?

If you create such an atmosphere of positive energy when you enter room , chances are your teams are highly motivated and engaged and producing at maximum capacity. Your business is thriving and on a strong path to sustainable growth.

If you create energy when you leave the room, chances are your teams are working in fear and a place of uncertainty. They are not motivated and not engaged therefore they are not producing for you at 100%. – Creativity is limited, risks are not taken and you are missing out on a great opportunity to capitalize on your #1 asset… your people.
So here are some tips:

1) Be totally present in your business and be engaging with every person you meet

2) Be clear on your communication and allow for the team to contribute to the conversation

3) Be positive and do not isolate a member of the team by calling out an issue, a challenge or problem with an individual performance.

4) Systematize your business and create a framework for your team to follow

5) Create a promise to your team – and deliver on that promise everyday.

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