3 Roles of a Thank You Page

Simple Strategies that Strengthen Your Brand

Many online retailers and marketers make a huge mistake in not leveraging their thank you page as an opportunity to build a relationship with their customers and reinforce their brands. Think about it…. your customer experience doesn’t end at your website and with your content. It actually continues on to your thank you page and follow-up process and all the way through to the delivery of your product and services.

So why neglect this very important step in the middle? It is prime “real estate” in building customer relationships and reinforcing your brand. You only get so many opportunities while your customer is engaged with you, so use every moment and touch point to your advantage.

Your thank you page should do three things:

1.Provide an experience consistent with your brand
Customers will form an opinion of your company based upon their experience and every point of interaction. You brand should be supported at every step of the process including the thank you page. Your thank you page is another point where you can reinforce your brand to your customer. Make sure that this page is branded with your look and supports the image and experience that you intended for your customer. Think about the “voice” you want, the information you want to share. All is important in reinforcing your brand.

2. Answer the “What happens next questions”
Nobody likes to feel as though their purchase went into a black hole. Your thank you page should be written to answer the “what happens next” question. Be clear so your customer knows if they should expect a deliver, when they should expect it and if there is a way to track it. If they purchased an electronic product, how will they download it and what to do if there is a problem. Many marketers fail to also use this as an opportunity to instruct the customer on how they can obtain more of your products and/or services so also be sure to tell them where and how they can find additional information.

3. Strengthen a relationship with your customers.
Your thank you page allows you another opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers by providing you with a dedicated venue that you can speak to your customers. To make sure that you are capitalizing on this moment, be sure to personalize the experience and create that “wow” factor. This is the first experience your visitor will have with your company as a customer so make the experience memorable so you customers will come back for more and promote you to their networks.

Some tips to help you strengthen your relationship:
•Use their first names – people like to see their name in print, be sure to use it to personalize the experience.

•Create a customized message do not use the default thank you message. This is an opportunity to continue to market to your customers. Be sure to write a personalized thank you message.

•Offer a free gift – increase the value in the purchase by including a free gift at the end of the process. – It could be a free article, a free whitepaper or a free recording. Make your customers feel important and increase the value of their purchase and increase the wow factor.

Don’t forget, every experience you create leaves an impression upon your customers. Something as simple as a thank you can make a big difference in how your customers share their experience with you.
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