What is BLAST?

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Marketing tip on what is BLAST and what does it mean?

Blast is an acronym for branding leadership and selling techniques because those are the three core building blocks of any successful business.

The BLAST Marketing System addresses three critical building blocks of business: Branding, Leadership and sales Techniques.

Let’s talk about branding!

You need a strong brand, a strong image in the minds of your customers. You need to have a strong promise, a commitment that you make to that customer. Under leadership you need to have the infrastructure, the management, the systems, the policies, the procedures to deliver on that brand. Promise every day and then of course selling techniques you need to be able to have a clear message that you’re communicating to the market that’s attracting customers every day. You have to have skillful people who can deliver the brand promise every single day.

So that’s simply what last stands for BRANDING, LEADERSHIP and SELLING TECHNIQUES.

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