What Can You Do For Remote Staff?

Staying connected and being involved is the number 1 thing you need to do to motivate your staff. You want to be the best you could be so your team is motivated and committed to helping you and your company move your business forward.

So here are some games you could do with your team working remotely. Think of your next Zoom meeting and how you could make that meeting be fun, engaging and talk about!

Game #1: Who Are You at the Zoo?

Objective: To explore how people are feeling as individuals and as part of your group.

Materials: 1 Large Sheet of Paper and Markers. Or in a virtual environment, a workroom with a whiteboard.

Each person should come up with an animal that he/she represents in the group and these animal should be added to the “zoo”. He/she should give the “zoo” an name that represents where they are today.

Discussion Prompts:

1. What did you learn about yourself while doing this activity?
2. What did you learn about the group and the other members?
3. Is there a different animal or person you would rather be? Why or why not?

Game # 2: Twenty -one

Objective: For team members to problem-solve and to communicate non-verbally with one another during an activity.

Materials: None

Divide the group up into two or three groups. And remind the employees that there is no talking. Appoint 1 counter for each group. The leader counts 1….2….3 and on the 3 – each teammate has to hold out fingers (1 through 10) and the counter will add them up.

For a team that gets 21 – they have won

If they didn’t, move on to the next team.

1. What it hard not to talk?
2. What happens when you are on a team and there is a lack of communication?
3. How do you deal with a group of people who have trouble communicating?

Come back again and we will post more games…

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