Marketing 101 – The Basics

As business owners, understanding marketing and its role in growing your business is critical to your success.  Especially if you are looking to build a business that continues to grow well into the future. Although there are thousands of marketing tactics, strategies and ideas, if you do not master the basics those will never work.  […]

5 Tips to Get Buy in From the Team

The power of a shared company vision is the key to achieving results.  However, many business owners don’t successfully communicate the vision and get the team’s buy in so the vision is never translated into actions resulting in poor customer experience, disconnected brand and low morale with the employees.  Here are 5 tips for getting […]

What is the one thing that people do not do enough of these days in order to ensure success?

This is a question that I presented to my contacts and to my surprise; there were clearly not a lot of people doing enough of the answer.  As the child of a strong-willed and determined woman, I have learned to appreciate the value in this and I have seen firsthand from those that I coach […]

5 Musts in Marketing Messages

In marketing, you have less than 8 seconds to grab the attention of your audience to compel them to continue on to read the rest of your copy.  That is all the time you have to jolt the brain and connect with your reader to make them interested in what you are selling so it […]