5 Proven Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty

Building relationships is part of any business. Whether you are in business for yourself, represent a sales department or have an internal peer group. Your ability to cultivate long term relationships with your customers,both internal and external customers, is essential to your success. Here are five strategies that keep your customers coming back for more. […]

Tips to Overcome the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

According to Patrick Lencioni, author of “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team”, team dynamics play a critical role in the success of every organization.   If you as a leader or department manager could imagine a world where all of your people are moving in the same direction, communicating flawlessly and executing with exact precision, what […]

If You Had 15 Mins with Steve Jobs, Would You Take his Advice?

I work with many business owners and professionals who feel stuck!  My response to each of them always goes back to some basic advice I like to give….. Are you doing something you love?  Have you discovered your passion and turned that into a career? I am a big fan of Steve Jobs of Apple […]

Turn Your Passion into Cash and Create Your Own Profit Center

Financial freedom is within each of our reach but many don’t often take the risk to achieve it.  Thoughts of hard work, long journeys and fear of the “what if’s” often plaque our minds resulting in us remaining in the status quo.  But, to really achieve your financial dream, you must start your own business.  […]

3 (Plus 1) Ways to Grow Any Business

Growing your business is a good problem to have, right?  Many small business owners are often faced with this challenge and struggle simply because they don’t know where to begin and they start implementing many ideas at once resulting in a loss of focus and eventually profits.  As Confucius says “the man who chases two […]

Your Customers are Changing, Are You?

Your Customers are Changing, Are You? There have been so many changes in the marketplace these days that require all business owners to rethink the strategies they have been using in days gone past.  With new technologies, new focuses, new marketing and busy lives…. How we communicate and what we communicate becomes increasingly more important […]

Marketing 101 – The Basics

As business owners, understanding marketing and its role in growing your business is critical to your success.  Especially if you are looking to build a business that continues to grow well into the future. Although there are thousands of marketing tactics, strategies and ideas, if you do not master the basics those will never work.  […]