It all Starts with A Plan, So Make Planning a Habit.

The strategic planning process is the single most important event your leadership team can take on each year. But the strategic planning process isn’t a single, one time event. It is a fluid process that requires commitment, dedication and consistent review. So make strategic planning a habit within your organizations. Something that is critical to your ongoing operations and something that is reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis.

Use the following suggestions to embed this process into your organizations.

  • Create a standard strategic planning process
  • Articulate your mission and your vision to the entire organization.
  • Review your strategic position on a regular basis with your leadership team
  • Agree on priorities and shift according to business demands and opportunities
  • Organize the plan with clear milestones and action steps.
  • Identify next actions
  • Roll out the plan to the entire organizations. Each department and position should understand how his or her actions impact the success of the plan.
  • Hold everyone accountable.

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