How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less

In the living world of business, capturing somebody’s attention is difficult when you are competing with so much other noise, but to keep them engaged for another 30 seconds while you get your point across…well that takes skill!

Take a look around you and how fast the world is spinning around you. Take note of how many messages you receive a day. Every time you drive down a highway and pass a billboard….a message. Flipping through a magazine…many messages. Or simply, how many emails do you get a day? When you scan your inbox, what draws your attention to it and screams “open me first”.

Bottom line, you have less than 30 seconds to capture attention and get your message across or you will be lost in a sea of messages. Here is the magic formula for getting your point across in 30 seconds or less.

Magic Bullet # 1: Know your objective

Know exactly what you are trying to achieve in that moment. What is your end goal? And be able to clearly state your objective. Don’t leave your audience guessing. Their time is valuable. For example, if you are on a sales pitch, clearly state that the purpose for your meeting is to win the mandate for their business.

Magic bullet # 2: Know your audience

Did you ever hear the saying people tune into WIIFM? (what’s in it for me) The same holds true when trying to get your point across. Know what your audience’s objectives are. What interest does each person you are speaking with have in this conversation. Identify with your listeners and take the time to learn what brings them to this discussion.

Magic Bullet #3: Formulate the right approach

The right approach is the strategy that you developed in a single thought or sentence that will lead you to your objective. This approach will take your listener’s needs and interest into consideration and set you up for your objective. For example. Lets assume an employee is interested in putting her name up for consideration for a promotion.

The objective: To obtain a promotion

The approach: A company must develop strong leaders to survive…. And my recent performance has assisted the department in double digit growth and the highest employee retention rate, therefore, I……..

Magic Bullet # 4: The Hook

A hook is something that grabs attention. Think about all the headlines you have read that enticed you to read more…. A good rule of thumb is to think of a statement that can be turned into a question that can only be answered by listening to you for the next 30 seconds. For example, “all good leaders generally share one key ability” The question that gets asked is “What is that one key ability” – That is the hook.

Magic Bullet # 5: The Story or Subject

Your subject is the news story after the headline. It is the meat of your discussion and is the compelling message that keeps you listener listening. Bottom is the point you want to make wrapped up in 30 seconds or less.

For example: What if you could change the date you are going to die? Preventative medicine is the answer. Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of woman? But you can change all that. All you have to do is exercise regularly, eating right and not smoking. I want you to have a healthy heart and live a long life.

Magic Bullet # 6: The Ask

 A message without a specific request is a wasted opportunity. Remember to ask for what you want. Remember your objective.   If you don’t ask for something specific, the answer will always be no. You have two choices: the action close or the reaction close. The action close calls for a specific action your listener needs to take. The reaction close is an indirect strategy when you cannot specifically ask – you compel them to a reaction that leads to your close.

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