How to be in charge of your life!

Each year many of us set out with the greatest of intentions as we proclaim our New Year’s Resolutions, but in order for us to know what we want to change, we must conduct a complete analysis of our lives and assess what we like, what we don’t, and more importantly what we want to change.  If you were asked to reflect on your life would you find that you have been living in your life every day in complete control of it?  Or would you be settling for the status quo only hoping something would change?  Here are five ways to be completely in charge of your life and loving it!

1. Find role models

Our circle of influence is very important to how we view our lives.  There are three types of people that you can choose to surround yourself with.  Those that build you up and create a positive energy that motivates you every day to propel forward or those that drain you and create a negative energy that deflates you every day and holds you back from reaching your goals and those that are neutral and do not do anything for you nor take anything from you.  Find role models that inspire you when you are with them and surround yourself with people who encourage you to succeed and who you feel you can inspire yourself.

2. Trust your inner voice – look within

Chances are that you already know your life purpose.  You already know the path that you need to be on but do not act upon it.  Some call it that “little voice” that lives inside.  When you are on your true path, you will be energized, happy and focused.  Most times, we know what will make us happy but are just afraid to take the necessary steps to make change in our lives.  Trust you inner voice and it will lead you to your true destiny.

3.Be strategic about your choices

Our lives are a result of the choices that we make every day. When you are presented with choices, be strategic and think about what it is you want to achieve in life and determine if that particular choice fits into your grand plan.  Most of us go through life either on autopilot on doing what is expected of us rather than thinking about what we really want and building the path to get there.  Think of every decision, every choice strategically and how the result will move you closer to the life of your dreams.

4. Act Courageously and take risks

Life is about not being afraid to take risks and trying something new.  It is about being opened to opportunities and having many experiences in life.  Act courageously and try something new every day.  Something that will expand your world and create lasting memories.  Do not settle for the status quo and do not follow the flock.  Expand your horizon, experience new things and take risks.

5. Love, Laugh and Live!

The last tip is to love, laugh and live.  Simply open yourself to experience love; to experience laughter and to experience life.   Don’t be too serious that you forget to find the humor in things and live life to its fullest every day.  Be playful and be happy.   There are many opportunities for you to not only enjoy humor but to create humor.  Be sure to be light hearted and share your joy.

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