Episode 6: Secrets to Building Customer Loyalty

In any competitive environment, the key to a successful business is its customers!

Without customers, there will be no revenue. Without revenue there is no business so it is critical that you put a customer strategy in place on day 1.

Successful businesses…. You know, the ones that last, creates a powerful connection to their customers by making a brand promise that stands out.

And this promise, is something a customer can count on each time the engage with your brand…

Here are three strategies to place in your customer loyalty plan

1) Know your customers

You are building customer loyalty so know your customers. Know their wants, needs, desires, expectations and problems they are challenge with.

2) Develop a Customer Strategic Plan….

When you think of strong brands… I will guarantee you that they have a customer strategy centered around their brand promise…

Fed Exp – “when it has to get there overnight’

Dominos – “pizza 30 minutes or less”

Disney – “happiest place on earth”

Apple – “think differently”

When you think of all of these brands and their brand promises, you (1) know what you can expect from the company and (2) know that you will be happy with the end result…. That is the brand promise that they deliver each an every time you purchase from them.

3) Educate your staff and make it easy for your customers to do business with you…

Your staff is the #2 asset in your company…. # 1 is your brand promise, and # 2 is your staff…. You need to hire right!

Hire on your core values! and Inspect what you Expect!

Leave all the guess work out and make it easy for your customers to do business with you.. Have your staff go through the same process and channels that your customers will so they can experience the same exact experience your customers will have.

Make adjustment to your current process if needed and always put on your customers hat and know how you are delivering through your customer eyes….

Taking the time to apply some or all of these strategies, you will create a culture centered on top notch customer service. By educating your team on expectations and providing them the roadmap to deliver the service you expect, will not only make your customer more loyal, but will make your business more profitable.

Simply state, happy customers buy more and tell more friends about their experience. Use that as an opportunity to build upon you already stellar brand!

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