Episode 29: Your Iconic 2020

Let’s do this!  I am so excited for 2020, Aren’t you…..  There’s some powerful energy in the air.  Everyone is creating the Best Decade Ever and I am here to tell you that in this episode, we are going to focus on what you REALLY want next..

But, there are some major moves you have to make first to get there, and I’m sharing them with you TODAY on this special solo episode of #shetalksradio.

I’m here to tell you what will work in 2020.. What will be the next marketing strategy that you need to be thinking about TODAY to get results TOMORROW.

My first recommendation may surprise you, or scare you but I am here to tell you that if you take this on, and you use my secret, you will see things explode in your business.  I am talking about taking things to the next level of productivity and performance and getting you ready to make 2020 your most ICONIC year EVER.

Then, I share with you my top marketing strategies that you must consider for 2020.  These strategies will lead your business into the next decade with bells and whistles… and I look forward to sharing this with you..

Let’s go…

On this weeks’s #ShetalksRadio, Kellie reveals Your Iconic 2020 and what you need to make this your Best Decade Ever.

On this week’s episode of #ShetalksRadio, you’ll hear:

  • The # 1 thing you need to focus on right now to move ahead!
  • Top predictions for marketing and how to move it into your business.
  • Live video – what?

Cut through the noise and chaos and focus on your business and your industry right now.  What is your absolute best move you can make?  What can you do to stand apart?  Listen in and give us a comment below.

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