Episode 17: Negotiation 101

It started with a deal, a high level one that you must close.  Your business plus your team is counting on you to close this deal in our favor.   But how do you #negotiate this deal so you win and the opponent side wins as well.  What are the key negotiation tactics you can use to close this deal.

On this weeks’s #ShetalksRadio, Kellie reveals Negotiation 101:  Tips, Tactics and Techniques to Master the Art of Negotation.  A business owners guide to a hands down solution over and over again.

Each time you engage in a deal, you must be able to negotiate in order to obtain your desired result. You must be able to read your opponent and create trust and credibility and use tactics and techniques to create a win/win scenario.

Everybody uses negotiation tactics to get what they want, whether you are haggling a better price for your new car, trying to convince your teenager to do household chores or discussing a new salary with your employer, chances are you are using a tactic to get what you want and just might not know it.

Everybody uses tactics, but not everyone uses acceptable or even fair tactics so it is critical that you learn about negotiation so you can identify these tactics, potential outcomes and tips and strategies to become a master negotiator.

Small business owners must learn how to negotiate so they can land that dream client and not give away all of their potential profits, attract the right talent to join their team and work with vendors and service partners in mutually beneficial arrangements.  In business, if you don’t create a winning deal for everyone involved, it will cost you in the long run.

Kellie doesn’t shy away from the reality that sending out the right message, to the right people and using this tactic could make a difference in your business.  She shares how to prepare for it, and offers brilliant advice for how to plan the future of your company so you can make the impact you are here to make.

On this week’s episode of #ShetalksRadio, you’ll hear:

  • Understand your goals of negotiation and to work towards them.
  • Recognize negotiator roles and reasons for behavior.
  • 9 Step planning process for successful negotiations and how you can win too!
  • The top 5 negotiation tactics and when to use them to get results.

Learn strategies and techniques to handle negotiations without giving away the kitchen sink but still negotiation a win – win situation for both parties while keeping your integrity intact.

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