The BLAST Method Tip: Clarity in your message leads to profits.

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Blast marketing tip on clarity in your message because in business we need to be very clear about what we do, who we help and how we help them. In that communication, that messaging has to come through every time you speak and it has to come through on your website on your marketing materials on your business cards anything that has to do with your business and your brand.

So I’m going to talk to you today about HOW DO YOU HAVE CLEAR MESSAGING IN YOUR BUSINESS and more specifically how do you answer what is it that you do question?

I know many of us have been to seminars and workshops on how to perfect the perfect elevator speech and then normally about 30 seconds I’m going to tell you just throw all of that out because nowadays with the onset of the Internet technology, blackberry, social media you have less than three seconds to engage your audience. You have less than three seconds and up to eight in order to really get your message out about what you do before you know we start to tune out that’s just how it is. Now what I want you to do is I want you to throw that entire out and I want you to remember what I’m going to teach you today.

I want you to remember your ABCs. I want you remember your audience, who is that you are helping. Why are you in business? You got into business to help a specific person, a client tell an audience you know who that is I also want you to think about the B and that’s the BENEFIT what is it that you do for these people? What specifically do they get out of working with you?

I’ll give you an example when somebody goes on a diet they’re not purchasing to go on a diet just to lose weight, they want to feel good. The benefit to them is that they get to feel something about themselves. So you have to think really long really hard. What is it that you do for your customers? Do you bring them peace of mind, do you provide additional value, do you give them security, safety, freedom, do you save the money, and do you have specifics as to the benefits that will help grow their business. Then I want you to confuse benefits with features. Features are the process that’s how you get what you get done. I’m talking about the results the outcome so really think about the benefits in terms of the outcome to your customer and what it is that you bring to the table and then see is the communication the languaging how you are saying it.

I work with a lot of people who use statements that are very key to them that mean nothing to the mainstream into the general population. So you want to test your use of words on people and make sure that you are being very specific and not general and you’re speaking in everyday language. What a challenge each of you to do is to find five people call it a mini mastermind group call it friends family whoever and I want you to answer the question what it is that you do and then I want you to pull every single person and ask them am i clear do you understand what I do for a living their body language and their response is going to tell you a lot and take that feedback and make the adjustments because it will help you in your business. I help small business owners bring their business offline online so they can enjoy freedom, they can enjoy the finances and they can enjoy the business that they set out to grow.   I’m coming to Andrea the all stop no fluff marketing Authority keeping it real telling you how it is and until next time I want you to have a fantastic day and I want you to remember your ABCs know your audience, know the benefits and be clear on your communication.

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