7 Weapons for Business Arsenal

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Are you ready to get started on building your business to the next level? I’m with you on this journey and I can’t wait to share with you some of my strategies and techniques.

Here are the Seven Critical Weapons that you need in your Business Building Arsenal. These are tools that every strong entrepreneur has and uses every day in their business life and I’m going to teach them to you because they’re critical for you to get to the level of success that I know all of you want to get to.

The first one is BOLD THINKING. Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to think big and to think bold. They don’t allow fear to stand in their way and to stop them from moving forward.  They use creativity to move their businesses forward. There are lots of exercises that you can use to tap into your own creativity and one that I love is the 2-minute drill. I recommend you to check it out. Now I’ve also included an exercise to help you tap into creativity on the wall on this blog post. So make sure you read down and I’ll go through the exercise because I’d love for you to post your comments now.

The second tool that you need or the weapon in your arsenal is you need to be a PROFESSIONAL STUDENT.  Successful entrepreneurs are in a constant learning mode. They absorb and learn from peers, other experts; they read a lot of books, magazines so you want to make sure that you are constantly learning, picking up new skills, picking up new techniques, things that you might be able to apply to your business that brings value to your customer that will make a difference.

The third weapon is an OPEN MIND and ACTIVE DEPLOYEMENT. When you see an opportunity you have to be able to make a quick decision and to implement quickly. Successful entrepreneurs are master implementers. You need to get out of things like I’m not sure; I can’t make a decision and be quick on making decisions. Be bold, take that risk and actively deploy these opportunities that you see.  If you leave your mind open you’ll be able to see opportunity where it’s not obvious and that is what the top 1% to their able to peel back that onion to see what the true opportunity is and then they’re able to make a decision and they’re able to act quickly on it.

The fourth weapon that you need is a Strong Support System.  Let’s face it. Building a business is hard work sometimes. You need to keep motivated; you need to keep focus.  Your support system will help you do that in addition. Building a business is tough work there are lots of tasks that need to get completed and you possibly cannot do it all on your own. So, a strong support system will help you build the infrastructure and to take on some of that workload so you can focus on being Strategic in your business and being that bull thinker that we talked about and being that open minded individual. So you can look for opportunities that’s going to add consistent value to your business

The fifth weapon that you need is you need a NETWORK in any contacts. You will not grow your business by sitting out in front of your computer. You need to step out and you need to get out there. You need to be visible; you need people to see you. I have not met a successful entrepreneur who doesn’t get out and network and networking means you need to go out and you need to have the lunches and go to the conferences and get that education we talked about. Join networking groups, be visible, get out there and make sure that you have a follow up system, so you can follow up with those contacts after you meet them. You would be surprised at how much your business will grow through successful networking and we cover that a lot in the blast system but I’m going to stress a little bit here. You need to make sure that you are connecting with five new people a day and in addition to that you also need to connect with five other people to do something that is not serving you yourself. So connect five people to five other people and then reach out to five people for yourself. So it’s 10 contacts a day and those 50 contacts that you make in one week will absolutely transform your business.

The sixth weapon that you need in your arsenal is INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION. You need to reach deep down into that core and find that reason why you went into business; why is it you chose to serve your customers; what is it about your business that excites you and what is your passion. This is important in order to keep you motivated to move you through some of the hurdles and the obstacles that are going to be coming at you almost every day. There is not a business out there that has been built on a rose garden. It requires you to have a little bit of impact with the thorns before you got to that beautiful flower.

The seventh weapon that you need in your arsenal is a CAN-DO ATTITUDE. You have to convince yourself that you are able to do this, that empowerment that you get just from giving yourself permission will derive all of your performance, all of your team’s performance and everything in your business forward.  You want to make sure that you believe that you can do it because I know you can do it, I believe in you and you need to believe in you.

So, there you go there are your seven weapons in your business building arsenal. You need to be a bold thinker; you need to be a professional student always be learning; have an open mind and actively deploy on opportunities; be a master implementer; create a strong support system to help you with your tasks and to keep you focused and motivated; build a network; be inspired and last empower yourself and know that you can do it.

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