5 Tips to Get Buy in From the Team

TeamThe power of a shared company vision is the key to achieving results.  However, many business owners don’t successfully communicate the vision and get the team’s buy in so the vision is never translated into actions resulting in poor customer experience, disconnected brand and low morale with the employees.  Here are 5 tips for getting the team to buy-into your vision.

1. Identify team members that are critical for making the vision happen

There are key individuals on your team that are critical for the success of your vision.  They are usually major influencers and leaders that others follow in your organization.

2. Create messages about the vision and allow the team to be part of the decisions.

Open communication is the key to a successful plan.  Create messages with your key stakeholders and allow them to be part of decisions so they feel as though they are part of something bigger than themselves.

3. Walk the walk and live the vision

Make sure you are consistent in your messages and in your actions so you do not send out conflicting signals.  This consistency will create trust and support among the team.

4. Update the team on your progress

When you get buy in based upon the team feeling they are part of something great, you need to continue to communicate and update the team on the progress including the pitfalls and the action plan to propel the business further.

5. Monitor the team’s verbal and non verbal feedback and actions and adjust your communication accordingly

A good sign of success is that the team begins to talk about the vision in everyday conversation.  You can pick up their actions and behaviors and tell if they are still believers.  When people don’t act in a ways that supports the vision, they don’t have buy in and you will need to rethink your process

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