5 Things You Need to Change Now to Create Your Own Luck!

Did you ever see that girl across the room that you were just mesmerized by? You know the one…..she has a beaming smile and gals and guys alike are very interested in her every word. She is not overly good looking, average to some standards, but she is attractive because of an air of confidence around her…… she is the one that you wish you were like. What you don’t realize is that you can be just like her! Have confidence, conviction and positive energy surrounding you at all times. In fact, studies show that the majority of success and good fortune is actually in your control. Those same studies show that a shift in your mindset can produce the positive results you are looking for each and every time and if you practice these tips with daily discipline for 21 days, you will form a habit of thinking positively and be one the road to designing the life of your dreams.

1. Think Positive, Think Bold!
To grow yourself and your business you need creative ideas. You need to think out of the box and get out of your comfort zone. To create powerful ideas, you need to think boldly. Bold thinking is the art of reaching out of your comfort zone and developing solutions to do things quicker, faster and cheaper or to set yourself apart from your competition with a new product, new brand or a new process. To be able to think boldly, you need quiet time away from distractions. Allow yourself time each day to shut down, no t.v, no kids and no phones and just think. Open your mind to possibilities. Our brains are pre-wired to be creative and to solve problems and if you give yourself the opportunity, you can create innovative ideas that will change your business.

2. Change Your Way of Thinking.
Did you ever notice that great things usually happen when you stop trying so hard? Or if you take the time to notice the good in every situation? Every time something happens to you, you have the choice to see it negatively or positively. How you think and how you approach life has a direct link to how successful you will be. If you dwell on the negative side of experiences, you will attract more negative experiences into your life, but if you accentuate the positive side of every experience, you will open yourself to more opportunities, have more confidence the next time you encounter a similar experience and be able to respond proactively. Next time you are having a bad experience, view something positive from it. Chalk it up to a learning experience or find something good in the bad. Changing the way you think, will bring more positive experiences into your life.

3. Visualize Your Future Self
Each of us carries a mental blueprint of ourselves and our future programmed deep into our minds. When you can bring these visions of your future self to the surface and focus in on whom, what and how you would like to be, you will begin to “act like” that person therefore achieving all of your goals. The power of visualization is well documented in the book and video “The Secret” where countless people recant stories of success using positive visualization to change their lives. Visualization helps you focus in on exactly what it is you want and keeps you motivated until you reach it. You want to start small and focus on real attributes and character traits that you future self would possess. You will slowly begin the transformation into your future self and create a positive, winning attitude along the way.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.
As my teenage daughter would say “take a chill pill”. Don’t sweat the small stuff. So much about success and positive thinking come from living in the moment. If you focus too much on the small stuff and the things that can go wrong, chances are they will. And if they do, so what? This tip is hardest for those that are serial planners who need to be organized to a fault and create plans and to do list and are troubled when they don’t get to everything on their list. Avoid micromanaging every aspect of your life and let things just happen. You will be surprised at how much freedom you will experience when you don’t sweat the small stuff and that freedom creates positive energy and time to spend on pampering yourself.

5. Change Your Environment, Change Your Results
How many times have you heard a success story that started “I was just in the right place at the right time?” When you expand your universe and venture out to other places, you open up the possibility for new experiences and new adventures. You cannot create new experiences sitting around waiting for something to happen. You need to change your environment in order to change your results. If you continue to do the same thing, each day in the same manner, you will always get the same results. Remove the routine of your life and try something new. Meet new people and leave your comfort zone. The more changes you make, the more positive things will happen and the better luck you will experience.

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