5 Steps That Will Lead to Your Destiny

Demuth-Figure5InGoldThere is a better way to live and it all begins with the choices you make in life.  You have options and each day you make a choice that either moves you closer towards your goal or moves you further away from your goal.  What choices have you made over the last few weeks that move you further towards your goal?  Are you taken action everyday that has a positive effect on where you want to be in life?

Here are the 5 steps that will lead you to your destiny:

1.  Thoughts.  It all starts with what is in your head and what you are thinking.  Successful people are able to turn their thoughts into real and tangible things. It has been proven that successful people think about what they want all of the time and think about ways to get there all of the time.  There have been numerous studies that show that thoughts can materialize into actual tangible things.

>Your thoughts create your beliefs and create your attitude.

>Your attitude creates your feelings

>Your feelings determine the action you will take and….

>Your actions will lead you to your destiny.

2.  Beliefs.  Your beliefs are things that you have been taught over the years and have much control over the decisions you make in life.  They are powerful and ingrained deep into your subconscious brain but your beliefs are not necessarily always true.  You can believe in something so deep that your actions will be a result of your beliefs.

> Tip: Turn your belief into a positive and believe that you will achieve your goals.  See yourself in your new destiny and believe you deserve it.

3. Attitudes.  Your attitude is the energy you create and the energy you draw from.  A healthy attitude is an essential ingredient to success and happiness.  It allows you to embrace opportunity and to see the positive in every situation.

> Tip: Find the positive in every situation.  Even in the most negative ones.  Make it a point to find the good in every situation and learn from it.

4.  Feelings.  As human beings, we have feelings.  We are emotional creatures and how we are feeling will determine how we act.  If your feelings are positive and productive, your actions will be positive and productive.  If they are negative and unproductive, your actions will be negative and unproductive.

>Tip:  Find things that make you feel good, confident and strong.  Incorporate those activities into you day and watch your life soar.

5.  Action.  Success is obtained simply by taking action everyday in support of your goal.  The steps you take each day will determine whether you will be successful or unsuccessful.

>Tip:  A day of action can lead to a lifetime of results!

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