5 Most Important Things to Consider When Updating Your Resume

1) Is Your Resume On Point and On Target?

Recruiters and executives typically scan resumes for key elements that stand out so be sure that your resume is short and sweet. But strategic in how you represent its content. This is your marketing brochure and you have less than 10 seconds to capture the attention of your reader so don’t waste time with word fillers and listed everything you ever done. Think of strong headlines with forward thinking statements and strong outcomes.

2) Are Your Accomplishments Depicted in Outcomes

As executives, companies want to evaluate your past performance from the perspective of what you can deliver for them. Evaluate your resume and look at all your accomplishments and make sure that each include a measurable result and be specific. Think if you increased revenue, impacted profit or created an expense reduction and quantify those results.

3) Have You Been Involved In Any Thought Leadership Programs?

Contributions to your industry in the way of writing articles, speaking at industry conferences, and facilitating training workshops elevate your role and your expert positioning. Throughout the year, participate in programs and be sure to include those accomplishments on your resume.

4) Is Your Resume Part of a Marketing Portfolio?

Your resume is only one component of your career-marketing portfolio. It should also include:

•LinkedIn profile – consistent with your brand message and written to reflect your career accomplishments.

•Bio – an introductory document that communicates your background in a snapshot view. Could include charts that depict your financial accomplishments and testimonials or brief recommendations from your peer network.

5) Do You Have A Distribution Plan?

The executive job market is increasingly competitive and the search for the best talents is fierce. Executive search firms are always on the lookout for qualified candidates so you need to make sure they know you exist. Networking with industry recruiters and submitting your resume to Executive Recruiter databases is something you should be doing on a regular frequency. A well-written, branded resume illustrates your personal marketing savvy and attracts your target buyer, and may offer you opportunities to consider.

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