4 Strategies to Win Deals Faster

Businessman Crossing the Finish LineWhat if you had a magic bullet?  What if somebody told you the secrets to their success when it comes to attracting more customers and closing deal?  Would you listen?  Would you implement into your business?

There have been so many changes in the marketplace these days that require all business owners to rethink the strategies they have been using.  Your customers are changing the way they do business, are you?

Here are four strategies that you can use in your business right now that will make a difference in winning deals faster.

Strategy #1: Align your sales and marketing

These two functions are critical to any business no matter what industry you serve.  The goal is to make sure that both of these areas are serving their purpose with lead generation and filling the funnel and building promotions and awareness to your brand. 

You cannot do one without the other, so be strategic and find ways to first use your marketing to generate interest in your products and use sales to close and convert your deals. 

Strategy #2: Educate the customer on the value you offer

One of the best strategies you can implement is to understand what is in the head of your customers so you can educate them on the value you offer.    You can accomplish this by using a simple survey.  Go to www.surveymonkey.com (it’s free) and ask your customers some questions that will provide you with valuable information.

Once you have this great knowledge, weave it into powerful marketing messages that reach out to your customers and speak to them. 

Strategy # 3: Make it easy for your customers to do business with you

I know this seems like customer service 101, but the truth of the matter is… when is the last time you tested your service model?  When is the last time you were your own customer?  Things that have worked in the past, may not work today so go through your own process and determine if you are delivering the experience you want your customers to experience.

Evaluate your current marketing and activities, what tactics are working? Which ones could be improved?  Are you using new techniques?  Are you visible on-line?  You need to be in the places where your customers are so you can make it easy for them to do business with you.

Do not expect your customers to find you… you have to pull them into your businesses and make the sale easy for them …. Leave the guess work out of making a decision. 

Strategy #4: Strengthen your relationship

Business is based upon building relationships and achieving customer loyalty is about strengthening those relationships.  It is more important now days that you create strong and lasting relationships with your customers.  In a digital age where connections are getting lost, this simple action could differentiate you from your competition.  What can you do to enhance your customer’s experience?  What can you add to your product mix that will help them with a current challenge and how can you personalize your approach so your customers feel they are part of your family.

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