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As 2019 comes to a close, I wanted to share with you some of my predictions for 2020. Keep in mind, as we enter into the new decade, what does your business have to offer your customers? My top ten predictions are something you should add into your marketing strategy to move your business forward!. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

  1. Focus is on Customer Experience

2020 is all about the customer! It will be the year… We’re seeing massive shifts in the way customers are able to buy from you and work with your company. So this prediction is all about offering the right customer journey. Give them an experience they will remember and tell their friends and family about. Give them a memory where they will want to engage with your brand over and over again.

  1. Employee Engagement

A strong culture eat strategy for lunch! It is all about your employees. Efficient and friendly customer service is the delivering the right experience to your customer by your employees. Think about them as you are rolling out your marketing plan..

  1. Data & Personalization

Data collection is the key to 2020.  Make sure you capture all information on your customer and personalize the marketing message to them.

  1. Voice Search

When you think of the home smart systems that are already available today what are you doing to get your brand advertise on it? Think about ways you could marketing your company and your products.

  1. Video

Short, concise video messaging is the new wave of marketing. Think how your product or service could translate in to a video message and learn to gain trust, credibility, and product knowledge.

  1. Text Messaging

The world according to my daughter… Text messaging is the new form of communication and something you need to work into your business. If you have an appointment scheduling application, a feedback survey, or how I did it, you need to think about how you can add text messaging into your 2020 plan.

  1. Digital CMO

Today, the CMOs are a very traditional, offline skill set, but today, you are going to see a more digital skill set require in marketing so the role of the CMO will move towards a digital CMO. They need to understand that creative story telling , SEO and content distribution have more success on an organization than ever before.

  1. Podcast

Podcast will become the next blog and I expect most business will turn to invest in this system in a massive way. Remember Rule of 3: Video; Podcast; Content – all in one session.

  1. Subscription Niche Community System

Video learning is a key training tool this year with billions of dollars being spent to educate people. A subscription based niche system will be critical to you building a community, managing your community and providing you direct access to your customer in a way that builds you as an expert and allows you to offer more.

     10. Community Based Email System

I believe email marketing will make a comeback in the form of a community based email system. With email, you could send along marketing materials at no cost to you, you could develop a trusting relationship.


What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below and if I missed a big shift, let me know.

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