16 Marketing Predictions for 2016 from Forbes

Are You in Front of These Trends?

This week Forbes posted an article on the top trends for 2016 as predicted from the C-suite. This was an interesting read and something I would recommend for the BLAST community.

Key messages I got out of this article:

1) Engagement is king! Whether it is employee engagement to make them better brand ambassadors or client engagement to make them raving fans, the key is to go back to the basics and build solid relationships with your customers and employees.

2) Data will drive all conversations. As the world is moving at the speed of light, conversations – specifically marketing is moving towards taking real data and relaying a message as a result of what you have learned. Think about your customers, when you are discussing KPIs and SLAs – are you armed with the data to support your discussion.

3) Personalization is key. The goal is to take your business from a business level and grow relationships on a personal level. Take the solution your company is offering and take the time to personalize that experience for the individuals you are working with. It is about making them look like a RockStar and customizing your solution to fit their needs as well.

4) Brand from the inside out. I love this saying. And so true. As the saying goes, culture east strategy for lunch so start with your employees and build your brand from the “inside out”.

Enjoy the article.

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